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Nubien, 10. Jhd.

Dieses Gericht ist nur leicht süßlich.

Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia: Food and Cooking in Early Christian Nubia (ca. 1000 CE, Research Paper, SCA)


Rom, Antike

~8 Portionen

This is a very rich side dish — small servings are recommended.
Thanks to Aethelind for her assistance and input!


Nicander of Colophon is the author who employs the word mystron when describing the use of the word barley groats in the first of his two books On Farming. He writes: “But when you are making a dish of fresh kid or lamb or capon, put some barley groats in a mortar, pound them well, then stir in some ripe olive oil. When the stock is boiling hard, pour it over the pounded groats, put the lid on the pot and steam it; for when it is cooked in this way, the heavy meal swells up. Serve it when lukewarm in hollow mystra.”

Athenaeus, The Partying Professors; Arwen Southernwood, The Stewpot Period Culinary Guild (SCA)

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