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Goldene Schweinehackbällchen

England, 14. Jhd.

Pomme Dorryse

Farsur to make pomme dorryse and opere pynges. Take pe lire of pork rawe, and grynde it smale. Medle it up with eyren & powdrre fort, safroun and salt; and do perto raisouns of coraunce. Make balles perof, and wete it wele in white of ayren, & do it to seep in boillyng water. Take hem up and put hem on a spyt. Rost hem wel, and take persel ygrounde and wryng it up with ayren & a perty of flour, and lat erne about pe spyt. And if pou wilt take for persel, safroun; and serve it forth.

Hieatt, Constance B.; Hosington, Brenda; and Butler, Sharon: Pleyn Delit (137)