Man, Rotting

Book of Sorrows

Frequency:Very rare
Activity Cycle:Day
Intelligence:Low (5-7)
No. Appearing:1-6
Armor Class:8
Hit Dice:2
No. of Attacks:1
Special Attacks:Cause Disease
Special Defenses:Immunity to diseases
Magic Resistance:Nil
XP Value:

Rotting men are the victims of the undead virus. Though they resemble zombies in appearance, they are in fact humans suffering from a strange magical rotting disease.

Their flesh is rotting, turning into a putrid slime that drips from their bones. Their hair has fallen out, and their internal organs are shriveled, giving them a withered appearance; some have lost an eye, arm, or leg to the rot.

They shamble along with difficulty, in constant agony. Death does not claim these creatures as it would normally, and most go insane, raving and attacking anyone that comes near in a hope that this will make them meet their death.

The nature of the virus causing the disease makes the rotting men stand out when using a detect undead spell. However, they are neither undead nor mindless, and speak the common tongue as well as any other language they knew in their former lives, though haltingly and with great difficulty.

Combat: Rotting men have little to attack with. They do not generally use weapons, instead going into an all out attack with their bare hands. They are very slow, however, and always attack last in a round. They try to rend their victim’s flesh with their nails. A successful attack, in addition to dealing damage, may bring out the undead virus that corrupts their bodies. If a natural 20 is rolled, the character attacked is infected with the undead virus. He then has to roll a saving throw vs. spell at a -2 penalty to avoid contracting the disease.

Otherwise, rotting men do not prove much of an opponent in combat, and almost seem to welcome death. They do not have the immunities of the undead, though they take half damage from cold attacks. They cannot be turned, and holy water has no affect on them, only serving to driving them more mad.

When slain, a rotting men collapses in a putrid heap of slime. The slime itself teems with the virus that brought about their condition, and is highly dangerous.

Habitat/Society: Rotting men are outcasts, and doomed to die a slow and agonizing death. They have no place in society, but often gather together in small packs that roam the countryside. Some actively seek a cure, but most simply wander and attack anything in sight, hoping to be killed in the ensuing battle.

In a few cases, a Rotting Man may survive within a community, where he is being taken care of by trusted friends. While these men often die in peace and surrounded by friends, this ultimately spells doom for the people that took care of them, as the virus within them is unleashed upon their deaths, ready to contaminate those nearby and create more Rotting Men.

Ecology: Rotting Men are infused with the Undead Virus, and thus serve as interesting research subjects for unscrupulous mages. They are still human, however, and are aware of their own wretched condition.

They are omnivores, often reduced to eating trash or hunting the wild, but their magical nature allows them to go for weeks without drink or water. The skin of a Rotting Man may significantly enhance any type of necromantic spell, but its use can be perilous to the caster.

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