Artifacts "[*+()

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Demonbane long sword ( aborwL+d5x2demons
Excalibur long sword ( bcdwL !+d5+d10 lev, search
Grayswandir silver saber ( borwL+d5x2silverhallu
Snickersnee katana ( borwLS+0+d8
Sunsword long sword ( aborwL+d5x2undead
Orb of Detection crystal ball ) bq wLA! magic, spell
Sceptre of Might mace ( bq wLC!+d5x2non-law magic
Magic Mirror of Merlin mirror ) bq wLK! magic
Mitre of Holiness helm of brilliance [ bq wLP! fire, undead
Tsurugi of Muramasa tsurugi ( bq wLS!+0+d8 bisect luck
Cleaver battle axe ( b orwNB+d3+d6
Giantslayer long sword ( b orwN+d5x2giants
Magicbane athame ( b orwNW+d3+d4magic magic, curse
Mjollnir war hammer ( b orwNV+d5+d24elec
Vorpal Blade long sword ( bcorwN+d5+d1 behead
Heart of Ahriman luckstone * b q wNB!luck stealth
Staff of Aesculapius quarterstaff ( b q wNH!+0x2 levlev, regen
Eyes of the Overworld lenses ) b q wNM! magic
Platinum Yendorian Express Card credit card ) b q wNT! magic, spell
Orb of Fate crystal ball ) b q wNV! luckspell, phys
Eye of the Aethiopica amulet of ESP " b q wNW! magic, spell
Grimtoothorcish dagger b orwC+d2+d6
Orcrist elv broadswordbnorwC+d5x2 orcs
Stingelven dagger bnorwC+d5x2orcs warn, web
Stormbringerrunesword bcorwC !+d5+d2levlev
Longbow of Artemisbow b q wCRa!+d5reflect
Master Key of Thievery skeleton keyb q wCRo! warn, phys
Dragonbane broadswordborw+d5x2 dragons
Fire Brandlong sword borw+d5x2firefire
Frost Brand long swordborw+d5x2cold cold
Ogresmasher war hammerborw+d5x2 ogres
Trollsbane morning starborw+d5x2 trolls
Werebane silver saberborw+d5x2 were
Bell of Openingsilver bellg
Candeladrum of Invocationcandelabrumg
Book of the Deadpapyrus spellbookg
Amulet of Yendor amulet of Yendorg

Artifacts are listed above by alignment, then alphabetically with the Quest Artifacts listed later. Artifacts are special instances of ordinary objects, and have all of the behaviors and properties of the ordinary ITEM in addition to those granted by the particular artifact. All artifacts cost 100 times the value of the ordinary object they are based upon.

The GENER field specifies all of the possible ways that a particular artifact may be generated. Each artifact can only be generated once per game - it cannot be generated again, even if the player never found the artifact, if the artifact is stolen, or if the artifact is destroyed. Note that in some cases, an ordinary object may be converted into an artifact, but no artifact will be converted into another artifact. The meaning of the letters are as follows:

aAngelic species have a 5% chance of being generated with a blessed, rustproof Demonbane or Sunsword.
bAll artifacts on the current level are saved when a character dies and creates a bones file. If a new character visits the same level and loads the bones file, the same artifacts will be created, except under the following conditions. If the artifact was already created in the new player's game or is the new player's Quest Artifact, then the artifact reverts to its ordinary object. The game artifacts (Bell of Opening, Candelabrum of Invocation, Book of the Dead, and Amulet of Yendor) will revert into ordinary objects (cursed bell, pile of used candles, cursed spellbook of blank paper, and cursed fake amulet of Yendor, respectively).
cIf you pray and your god is very pleased, you may be crowned and get a good artifact. If a lawful character is wielding an ordinary long sword when crowned, it becomes Excalibur. Neutrals get Vorpal Blade, regardless of what they are wielding (if already wielding it, it goes "snicker-snack!"), although Wizards will get a spellbook of finger of death in preference. Chaotics get Stormbringer, regardless of what they are wielding. You can only be crowned once. If you receive a weapon artifact this way and were restricted in its weapon class to unskilled, the restriction is removed so you may advance to basic skill.
dIf you #dip a single ordinary long sword in a fountain, are at least experience level 5, and Excalibur doesn't already exist in your game, then there is a 1/6 chance of something special happening to your long sword. If you are lawful, the long sword is converted into the blessed, rustless, uncorroded, damageproof Excalibur and you exercise your wisdom. If you are neutral or chaotic, your long sword is cursed, loses its rustproofing, may lose an enchantment, and you abuse your wisdom.
gThis artifact is an essential part of the game, and can only be obtained by killing (or stealing it from) the appropriate Nemesis. These items are specially protected from being destroyed. They also do not count toward the number of artifacts that have been generated.
nAn ordinary item can be converted into this artifact by #naming it. The item must be singular, not already an artifact, of the same type as the new artifact, and the new artifact must not already exist. Answer that you want to #name a single item, and provide the short name of the artifact (i.e. "Sting" instead of "elven dagger named Sting").
oThis item may be given as a gift from your god when #offering corpses. You must sacrifice a fresh corpse at a co-aligned altar, be in good standing with your god, and at least experience level 3. You will only get artifacts that are of your alignment or none, and some classes get certain artifacts as their first gift. Your first gift will always be co-aligned. The chance that you will be given a gift depends on the number of artifacts already created in the game and how many of them were gifts; the chance is 1/(10+(2*artifacts*gifts).
If you receive a weapon artifact this way and were restricted in its weapon class to unskilled, the restriction is removed so you may advance to basic skill. (Note that this currently does not occur if you happen to be using two-weapon combat at the time; this is an acknowledged bug.)
rThis artifact may be randomly generated in place of a regular item (1/20 chance for each weapon). In particular, antique weapons outlets appear to frequently carry artifacts because a large number of weapons are randomly generated there. The player-monsters on the Astral Plane also have a 50% chance that the weapon they are generated will be upgraded to one of these random artifacts.
qThis is a Quest Artifact. If you are of the same class as the artifact, you can only obtain it by completing your Quest. Otherwise, if you are of the same alignment, it can only be obtained by bones levels or wishing. If you are neither the same class nor the same alignment, it can only appear on the floor of a bones level, but you can't pick it up or use it.
wThis artifact can be wished for. You may specify either the short name of the artifact (e.g. "Magicbane") or the long name ("athame named Magicbane"); capitalization does not matter. You cannot wish for game artifacts or your own Quest Artifact; there are also limitations on wishing for other classes' Quest Artifacts based on your class and alignment (see "q" above). The chance of getting an artifact from each wish depends on the number of artifacts already created in the game:
ARTIFACTS01234 56n
CHANCE100%100%2/32/4 2/5 2/62/72/n+1

The first letter of the ALN column indicates the alignment of the artifact (Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic), if any. When playing a class which can have multiple alignments, the alignment of the Quest Artifact will be adjusted to match the character's starting alignment. A second letter specifies the class aligned to the artifact; alignments of these artifacts will also be adjusted if necessary. It also indicates which Quest Artifact belongs to each class. Excalibur belongs to Knights only if you are playing a knight. Intelligent artifacts are indicated with a ! symbol. All three conditions are considered each time you attempt to wish for, pick up, or wield an artifact:

The +HIT column specifies any bonuses when calculating to-hit, and +DAM lists any bonuses or multiplier to damage. For some artifacts, these adjustments only apply when hitting a specific type of monster. See Weapon Spoilers to find out how these values are used in weapons calculations. Additional damage due to level drain, bisecting, or beheading are not included in the table above, but are listed in the weapon descriptions below. Note that the chance of certain weapon artifact effects are based on your to-hit die roll. This means that if you always hit a monster, the effect occurs with the published percentage; however, if you only hit a monster 1 in 20, then every hit you make causes the effect.

The ATTACK and DEFEND fields list a brief summary of the offensive and defensive effects of each artifact; see the Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic and Unaligned Artifacts Spoilers for full descriptions of each artifact's abilities. The effects of the Bell of Opening, Candelabrum of Invocation, and Book of the Dead are documented in Tool Spoilers. The powers of the Amulet of Yendor are listed in the Amulet Spoiler.