Spellbooks +

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blank paper0501800 0 plain
Book of the Dead35002007 00 papyrus
force bolt100503512 10  
drain life200501022 20  
magic missile20050452 220Wiz 
cone of cold40050104 2140Val 
fireball4005020412 40  
finger of death7005057 8070  
healing100504012 10+ 
cure blindness20050252 220+ 
cure sickness30050323 630Hea+ 
extra healing30050273 1030+ 
stone to flesh30050153 230  
restore ability40050254 1540Mon+ 
detect monsters10050431 110  
light100504511 10  
detect food20050302 320  
clairvoyance30050153 630Sam 
detect unseen30050203 830  
identify3005020312 30  
detect treasure40050204 1540Rog 
magic mapping50050185 3550Arc 
sleep100505011 10  
confuse monster20050302 220  
slow monster20050302 220  
cause fear30050253 630  
charm monster30050203 630Tou 
protection100501813 10  
create monster20050352 320  
remove curse30050253 1030Pri+ 
create familiar60050106 4260  
turn undead60050166 4860Kni 
jumping100502013 10  
haste self300503338 30Bar 
invisibility40050254 1540Ran 
levitation40050204 1240  
teleport away60050156 3660  
knock100503511 10  
wizard lock20050302 320  
dig5005020530 50Cav 
polymorph6005010648 60  
cancellation70050157 6470  

Spellbooks are listed above by school, then increasing level. The COST field denotes the base price of each item. WGT specifies the weight (100 zorkmids weighs 1).

Spellbooks comprise 4% of all randomly-generated items in the main dungeon, 12% in containers, 0% on the Rogue level, and 0% in hell. PROB is the relative probability of each subtype. They appear 1/34 cursed, 16/17 uncursed, and 1/34 blessed. There is also a chance of obtaining a spellbook (one you don't know yet if possible) from praying when your god is pleased. A neutral Wizard will usually receive a blessed spellbook of finger of death when crowned.

The level (LVL) of a spell controls how difficult it is to cast and how much energy is required. Normal spellbooks cost 100 times their level. READ indicates the number of turns needed to successfully read a particular spellbook.

MRKR specifies the maximum number of magic marker charges needed to write a spellbook of that type, or zero if it cannot be written. You may note that this number is 10 times the spell level. The actual number of charges used will be a random amount from MRKR/2 to MRKR-1. Wizards have a 1/3 chance of writing an unknown spellbook, and all other classes have a 1/15 chance; your chance improves with your luck. You can only write on spellbooks of blank paper, which can be made by getting any spellbook wet, cancelling any spellbook (except spellbooks of cancellation), or reading a spellbook until it is too faint to be read anymore. The Book of the Dead can't be blanked by any means. You can select non-blank spellbooks to write on, but this will abuse your wisdom and you will be told, "That spellbook is not blank!"

Some spells provide a BONUS against spell failure. Each character class has a particular spell that they are good at casting (noted with class identifier). In addition, the spells marked with a plus (+) are emergency spells that grant an additional bonus. See the section on calculating spell failure below for details. Note that this column does NOT list which spellbooks a character may start with. Some types of spellbooks have the same APPEARANCE when unidentified. The appearance of the remaining spellbooks are are randomized from the following descriptions:
parchmentvellumraggeddog eared mottled
redorangeyellowvelvet light green
dark greenturquoisecyanlight blue dark blue
plaidlight browndark browngray wrinkled